Birmingham Automobile Dealers Association

Our History

contentThe need for a national association to represent automobile dealers was apparent scarcely 20 years after Henry Ford’s first prototype vehicle bounced along the dirt roads of America. Thirty auto dealers converged on Washington, D.C. in 1917 to urge Congress to lower the luxury tax imposed on automobiles since, they maintained, cars were no longer a luxury but a vital part of the American economy. Their 20/20 vision is noted as we recognize more than 243 million vehicles in service today driving two trillion miles on our highways each year.

In the late 1960s, the automobile dealers of Birmingham saw the need for an organization that would serve as a liaison between themselves and the car-buying public in this area. Their goal was to create an organization that would not only transform the stereotypical image of auto dealers but would also create an association that would be a concerned, active corporate citizen working to benefit the entire community. In 1967 that idea became the Birmingham Automobile Dealers Association (BADA).